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Entities and Required Documents

Entities and Required Documents

Limited Liability Companies

  • Documents needed to review:
    • Operating Agreement, possibly a Corporate Resolution and / or Unanimous Written Consent of Members
  • Member managed
    • All members make decisions and all members sign
  • Manager managed
    • Members nominate a manager and grant powers under Operating Agreement
    • Manager or managing member may sign
  • Best practice is to have all members sign, but if only one signs, need to make sure they have that authority under Operating Agreement


  • Documents needed to review:
  • Bylaws, resolutions, and Incumbency Certificate.
    • Authorized officer must sign (preferably the President for Business Corporations).
    • An incumbency certificate (or certificate of incumbency) is an official document issued by a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) that lists the names of its current directors, officers, and, occasionally, key shareholders.


  • Documents needed for review:
    • Partnership Agreement or Limited Partnership Agreement
  • General Partnerships
    • All general or managing partners must sign.
    • If we don’t have a copy of the partnership agreement all partners to sign
  • Limited Partnership
    • Only general partner will sign
  • Limited Liability Partnership
    • Only general partner will sign


  • Obtain a copy of trust / certificate of trust
    • A certificate if trust is a legal document that can be used to certify both the existence of a Trust, as well as to prove a Trustee’s legal authority to act. It’s shorter than the actual Trust document, and it can offer pertinent information without making every aspect of the Trust public.
  • Must give powers:
    • To sell real estate at public or private sale
    • (When borrowing) To Borrow funds and mortgage trust assets as security for repayment of funds borrowed.
  • Conveyances to and from a trus
    • Title must be held by the trustee
    • Example: “John Doe, Trustee of the John Doe Revocable Living Trust dated April 7, 2020”

Denominational Churches

  • Constitutions, By Laws and/or Canons (Local or National)
  • Book of Discipline (Methodist)
  • Resolution / Recent Minutes of Meeting
  • Consent of Members / Congregation / Parishioners or National Organization
  • Who may Sign
    • Priest, Pastor, Elder, Trustee, Officer
    • Bishop (Roman Catholic)
  • Christian Denominations
    • Episcopal
    • Assembly of God
    • Baptist
    • Lutheran
    • Methodist
    • Presbyterian
    • Roman Catholic

Non-Denominational Churches

  • Treat like nonprofit corporations or unincorporated associations
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • By laws
  • Resolutions / Incumbency Certificates
  • Consents if required

Unincorporated Associations

  • Documents needed to review for authority:
    • Governing Agreement, Resolutions, and Statement of Authority ( 15 Pa.C.S . § 9116)
  • Youth Sports Teams, PTO / PTA, Clubs, Churches
  • 2013 Amendments permit UA to acquire, hold or transfer, in its name, an interest in real property.
  • Governing Agreement Establishes the practices that govern the purpose or operation of the association and the rights and obligations of its members and managers
  • List of Members, Managers and / or Board